Sojourner, Wandering

by Joseph Tennant

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Joseph utilizes rudimentary recording equipment and technique to create an intimate collection of songs.


released January 11, 2017

all songs written and recorded by joseph tennant

joseph tennant: vocals, guitar, banjo, merlin, ukulele, keys, glockenspiel, harmonica, percussion, trumpet, recorder, slide whistle, whistling

special thanks to dan, steven, priscilla, genessa, zac, carson, emma, jed, and mason



all rights reserved


Joseph Tennant Calgary, Alberta

much love

thanks to priscilla westra for the profile photograph

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Track Name: Not the Sparrows
not the sparrows but the vultures get their way
not the children but adults show naivete
not the beggar but the passerby can thrive
not the hopeless but the fortunate survive

if i could soar like the eagles and make it right
i would i would
if i could sing like the robin with peace in mind
i would i would i would

not the distraught but the flourishing get aid
not the outcast but the tyrant can tirade
not the displaced but the neighbor is received
not the honest but the liar is believed

a gentle mind with the purest thoughts can sing
or the poets with the honest lines they bring
or a painter in the beauty that they see
these bring us hope pull us from calamity
Track Name: Dearest Friend
it's been thirteen months since we last spoke
memories in this heart you evoke
the miles between us have stretched so far
constant solitude opens the scar

wolves blew down my door and forced me out
in my nakedness began to doubt
is my temperament the issue here
am i lost in something more severe

you pick me up, brush me off
in our gladness reunite
i feel the warmth of your laugh
in the frigid ink of night

through the fog and wood dim lights do pulse
the only route is crevasse and bones
anticipation for time to spend
in the end these toils i'll comprehend

you pick me up, brush me off
in our gladness reunite
i feel the warmth of your laugh
in the frigid ink of night

sense the sweet smell of hope in the air
although the world is aching do not despair
i am loved
Track Name: Sojourner
sojourner, wandering
stare at the stars
slog through the marshes
or bustling bazaars
barren back-country
flat as a plate
or moody meadows
where sweet smells sedate

sunken smile
laughing man
brittle bones
torn afghan

if weary or withered
traveler press on
fear of misfortune
energy foregone
traverse the mountains
sip from pure streams
split stones spring fountains
bubbling with ease

tell of your journeys
pass them along
set in serenity
or crowded throngs
finish the fable
grandeur and all
we'll sing a story
of how you enthrall
Track Name: Anthony
cloudy breathe, bitter cold
frozen feet, crusty snow
aching heart, spirits low
stormy mind, thoughts that scald

killed no bird with the stone
freaked the flock, lost his will
swampy steps, sorrow kills
unemployed, left alone

trials sing sweetly now
sleepless nights, fresh sunrise
pain will haunt, open your eyes
anthony, believe somehow